Bee-Balm products help seal and protect your skin and hair, allowing your body to do the healing.

Photo: Nirabadhi Wyatt – Founder of Bee-Balm products

For years I suffered with dry cracked hands. Having always suffered from eczema as a child, I discovered that my hands were very sensitive to changing temperatures and environmental stimuli. Whether it was chlorinated pool water while playing waterpolo, wet/dry cycles while selective logging in rainy coastal forests, or the heat, cold and abrasion from rock, ice and alpine climbing, my hands suffered. On occasion my hands where so bad that I was unable to tie my shoes!

I visited doctors, dermatologists, neurologists, acupuncturists and homeopaths but my skin problems could not be solved. I tried antifungals, cortisone creams, silicone barriers, gloves at night and even crazy glue (at the dermatologists suggestion)! This was the last straw for me and I began to fear that my hands were destined to be a lifelong problem.

As it turns out, an Ayurvedic doctor friend of mine sent me a salve that contained an infusion of herbs in an olive oil and beeswax base. I stopped using the salve because it was too oily and left my hands slick for hours. I decided to add more wax to the mix and found that a very hard consistency worked the best. When I ran out, I just melted down some beeswax and olive oil. Over the course of a week, testing ratios of wax to oil, I found the perfect mix and thus Bee-Balm was born! The wax is the secret; oil is only needed in enough quantity to allow Bee-Balm to be applied! The natural waterproofing of the beeswax protected my hands and allowed the skin to re-moisturize and become pliable and strong again.

I was pleased to re-learn an ancient truth:

“Simplicity is an advanced course.”
- Sri Chinmoy

I hope that Bee-Balm products will give you as much joy as they have me. It has been a source of genuine satisfaction for me to offer a product that works to others who are suffering.

- Nirabadhi Wyatt – Founder of Bee-Balm products

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